Uno Al Día #10


The Rio600 is almost like the sports coupe of the Rio series. It is styled with an organic flair, using a curvaceous design, more sporty materials, and a fun and full featured LCD display. As further proof of the fun nature of the player, the Rio600 has removable “faceplates” that can be interchanged with aftermarket plates of varying colour so that you can give your player a different personality. The review sample we received uses a blue faceplate, but you can instantly expand your colour choices with Diamond’s RioTone Faceplate 3 pack. This is basically more of a showy sort of attraction, but with people buying aftermarket cell phone button replacements, case replacements and other customizing accoutrements.

When you turn the player on, you can get an idea of just how much thought and effort was put into the player’s underlying software because you are greeted with two info screens that tell you the player’s memory and battery status. The battery status was truly impressive, with a resource bar indicating the percentage of battery life left, and a textual indicator estimating how much play-time you had left. I love it. And so did everyone that I showed the player to.

Me he planteado el reto de publicar una ilustración hecha por mi cada día, por la mayor cantidad de días seguidos que pueda, esto, con el objetivo de mantener y desarrollar aún más mi uso de Adobe Ilustrator, un programa de ilustración gráfica que me encanta y que cada día me sorprende, me reta y me gusta más. Espero que sean de su agrado. #UnoAlDia #OneA Day.

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